Time for a Flashback Friday! Here is one of our older songs from 2010! We recorded this in our rehearsal studio.


May 3, 2016

It has been five whole months since we put out any new music. Can you tell we are getting a little bit antsy about that? Haha! The problem is that we have too many ideas we are working on right now! So we’ve decided to just go with the idea that is resonating the most with us at the moment and we’ll get to the others later. Maybe even later this year! We have been posting some nursery rhyme lyrics and that is the project we are going to concentrate on now.

We want to call this collection: A Child’s Beastiary. The songs will all be based on and feature traditional nursery rhymes but of course we’ll be giving them a darker twist! We watched the season opener for Penny Dreadful, and I have to say it was mind blowing! We want our music to sound the way that show looks. (Super sorry if any of you have synesthesia and you think our music looks different than that!) So keep watching this space as this project unfolds...



Our Calendar is updated: we've got some very cool shows for you coming up. 
And our big announcement: while saying we're writing isn't news (Sarah's always composing something), demos are being produced, war books are being assembled, and riffs are being edited: the next Victorian Chamber Metal album is underway. 


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  • Jul 15
    Congregate,  High Point
  • Jul 23
    McGees Irish Pub,  Anderson
  • Aug 27
    McGees Irish Pub,  Anderson

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