August 23: More September Shows added the the Calendar! You won't want to miss any of these shows! 

August 16: We're recording! The companion CD for our Kickstarter backers, Nightingale's Songbook, is well underway!

August 6: More Reviews for Nightingale are coming in! Here's the review from Here's an excerpt:

  • Valentine Wolfe again prove themselves to be fantastic, musical  storytellers. If you’re fans of their earlier work, like their Edgar Allen Poe-themed Once Upon a Midnight, this album builds upon that already-solid foundation. With each album, they continue to refine their sound. Nightingale is the best-sounding Wolfe album yet (not that their previous efforts were slouches!).

Our latest song, Azhor Ahai, is available on YouTube:

Our newest album is now up on CDBaby! Check it our here!

We have been recently featured as the theme song band for this amazing horror website!


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Upcoming Manifestations

  • Sep 10
    WPBR Radio Room,  Greenville
  • Sep 25
    The Soundbox Tavern,  Simpsonville
  • Sep 26
    The Rabbit Hole,  Charlotte

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